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Victoria's No-Touch Easter Egg Hunt

Finding community connection in times of social distancing

Victoria resident Jenn Baird has found a new way for kids and families to stay connected, while practicing safe social distancing. Launched on March 20th, her Facebook group “Victoria COVID-19 Community Easter Egg Hunt” now has over 1500 members who plan to participate in a “No-touch Easter Egg Hunt” over the coming weeks.

The rules of this Easter Egg Hunt are simple. As Baird puts it, 1) decorate a paper egg, 2) post it in your window, and 3) go look for eggs. “I'm a mom who is heeding the advice of Dr. Bonnie Henry,” she says, “we all still need to get some fresh air.” The hashtag for the event is #yyjegghunt2020
This pandemic-friendly Easter Egg Hunt is a springtime version of James Bay's Window Wonderland, which invites residents to decorate their windows with backlit displays for people in the neighbourhood to enjoy.
In terms of her initial hopes for the event, Baird says that she had hoped it would catch on by April 1st, but that there is no set date or time for the hunt to take place. “Look anytime you have to go out. Look when you go walk the dog.” This simple way of bringing joy to passers-by is just what Victoria certainly seems to be meeting a need for community connection.