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SD61 Trustees Expelled by Colleagues

Reasons for overriding voters' School Board picks remain unclear.

A grassroots group of concerned voters is calling on School District 61 to restore democratic governance by rescinding the recent unfair suspension of elected trustees Diane McNally and Rob Paynter. 

The two trustees were suspended under mysterious circumstances after a closed door meeting by the School Board. No specific allegations have been published, other than vague statements about “bullying” and “formal complaints” that were “thoroughly investigated.” 

“It seems highly unusual that democratically elected trustees would be effectively removed from the School Board, without specific allegations being made public,” said Vincent Gornall, a School Board candidate in 2018. “This decision reduces the diversity on the School Board, and in doing so, damages our local democracy and the ability of the Board to provide good governance. The voices of these trustees should not be silenced.”

Reports indicate that the hotly contested suspension was the result of a deeply divided vote by the School Board, showing that broad support remains for the suspended trustees. 

A group of concerned citizens, including SD61 parents, have started a petition to have Paynter and McNally reinstated. You can add your name at