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Finding Joy in Community at a Distance

Help Make Birthdays and Other Occasions Special in Your Community

In a new initiative, the founder of Victoria's No-Touch Easter Egg Hunt, Jenn Baird is inviting members of the community to post their requests for joyful community support in her new Facebook groups, YYJ - Community Celebrations in time of COVID. "I'm seeing lots of parents posting about their kids birthday parties being cancelled," she says. "If you're planning a birthday parade or gratitude actions, please feel free to ask us to join."

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In her most recent announcement, she suggests that invitations to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and adoptions would be welcome, as well as parade invitations, fundraising announcements, and requests that people post something (like the original Easter eggs) in their windows, as well as things that spark joy, so it sounds like just about anything goes!

In this time of isolation (for many), and over-stimulation (for those of us home with one or more children), it is more important than ever to participate in activities that build community, and that remind us of our shared humanity and how easy it is, in spite of everything, to find joy in the little things.