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Connecting Gardeners with Boulevards

By working together, we can ensure that no-one goes hungry.

Food security is on people's minds, and many folks are coming together to ensure a secure food supply remains available, and that everyone has access to food, regardless of what happens in the coming weeks. From creating and distributing free garden starter kits, to delivering leaf mulch and compost, the community is stepping up when it comes to food security and access.

The City of Victoria's new Boulevard Gardening Guidelines, and a new program by HQ Collective, a local grassroots advocacy organization in Hillside-Quadra, have made it possible for anyone to plant a garden. By connecting would-be gardeners with both property owners who are open to boulevard gardening and the leaf mulch or compost needed to get started, HQ Collective Director Jenn Neilson says that "thinking ahead by planting seeds now is what we need to do to ensure food security in the months to come."

By signing up here to request a boulevard gardening space, or to offer your boulevard to a local gardener, you can help ensure that access to good food is one less thing that our community has to worry about.